Sekolah Menengah Swasta Seri Insan

School Permit Number: X2BC004

Academic Studies

Sekolah Menengah Swasta Seri Insan also known as a SMART SCHOOL has had an outstanding academic since its first inception. Most students who had graduated after they had completed Form Five were able to continue their studies at colleges or universities either in Malaysia or overseas. We have a strong academic trend but at the same time we also give emphasis to other expect of the child’s development. The school prepares students for PMR, SPM and STPM courses as well as the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) which is an Australian examination.

Students are guided in their academic studies for tertiary education whereby every individual student is given the opportunity in their education counselling for their respective intended career. Critical thinking and creative skills are also given priority as a preparation for their tertiary studies. Besides that, subjects are integrated as much as possible to unite the various disciplines of studies while numerous fields of excursions are organised and exposed to the students for them to understand the complexities and realities of the world beyond school. In addition, regular parent meetings are held for we believe that consensus of ideas from parents, teachers and students is the key to personal success.


Emphasis on English

The school has long had the understanding of the importance of mastering the English Language to prepare our children for participation in the global economy.

Seri Insan students rank far above their peers in other school with regard to their command of spoken and written English. Thus, an active and compulsory Toastmasters Programme should be considered to ensure that students can acquire the confidence to present themselves in a professional and competent manner.


Enhancing the Curriculum through Team/Group Teaching

To ensure all students are able to progress at their own pace, grouping will be based according to their learning needs and attainment in the respective subjects. Small classes enable the school to provide greater attention than is usual. In addition, careful monitoring of the student’s academic progress will be carried out constantly and where necessary individual teaching given. Students will develop their ability to work as a team, learn to cooperate, develop leadership skills and work towards common goals.


Non-academic / Co-Curriculum

Co-Curriculum activities will complement academic studies. It is compulsory for students to participate co-curriculum activities to develop the holistic young person in developing the student’s knowledge, talents and attitude, intellectual, enthusiasm, sense of achievement, spiritual values and encourage positive social and aesthetic values.

Seri Insan offers a wide range of sports activities which includes ; Tennis, Futsal, Horse Riding, Golfing, Fencing, Paragliding, Table Tennis and apart from the usual sports such as football, badminton, basketball, volleyball etc.

Parents of future students can be assured their children will receive an all-rounded development in preparing them for the challenging life they will lead after leaving school.


Class Size

Class enrolment will be kept small to facilitate the achievement of the smart-school learning concept and to increase the pupil-teacher interaction. The recommended capacity is a maximum of only 25 students per class.

With these small classes the teaching –learning process can take place effectively with teachers being able to give individual attention to each student in the class, helping each student to grow and develop to his/her full potential, thereby deriving a sense of achievement and satisfaction for himself/ herself.


Dean System

A Senior Dean takes charge of all academic, personal issues and the preparation of national and international examinations of the senior students. The Junior Dean supervises the Form 1 to Form 3 and is also in charge of the junior students’ enrolment including their enrolments in the PMR examination.

Whereas; the Dean of Non-academic oversees and organising all co-curriculum and events or activities for the whole school.


Mentoring & Pastoral Care

Each student can choose or is assigned a mentor for the duration of his/her schooling at Seri Insan. The personal counsellor’s job is to provide a listening ear to the needs of his/her mentee. The school is also emphasizing on the added-values of education by conducting the annual Formation Camp and various Leadership Seminars / Workshops designed to develop their personal characters and strengthened their moral values.


Sports & Cultural Activities / Performances

Sports and outdoor education activities are part and parcel of our students’ education needs. The school offers a wide variety of activities such as golf, sailing, tennis, basketball, badminton, football, and netball. Those who excel in sports will be representing the school for national and international competitions. All students will participate in a variety of sports at the school level and also in the state sports competitions such as MSSD and MSSS.

Sekolah Swasta Seri Insan is also excellent in the cultural activities having presented several public performances of musical play including 'The King and I', 'The Sound of Music', 'Aladin' and 'The Little Mermaid'.


Student Formation Programme

Our Formation Programme is one of the most important events in our annual calendar year. It is important because students can be exposed in leadership skills, self-developments and the importance of having high moral /ethical values. For these, the school makes it compulsory for all students to participate in the programme.


Student's Parliament

In order to inculcate the democratic principles into the lives of our students, the school has established its own Parliamentary System. Those students who are elected in the annual parliamentary election will form the students' government and will attend to the students’ needs during their tenures in office throughout the year.


Community Involvement

Skilled community speakers, resource people and motivators are invited to the school to give special talks which will be related to our goals and mission.


Outdoor Activities

Themes in the curriculum are often taught in non formal situations where students carry out field studies under the supervision of teachers or resource people from the community.


International Section/ Foreign Students

In the month of January 2007, the school with the support and encouragement of the Ministry of Education set up an International Section to provide quality education to meet the needs of our foreign students. This rapidly developing section of the school has students from eight different nations and this culturally rich diversity has added a new flavour to the culture of Seri Insan. The curriculum is the national Malaysia curriculum and as such students are integrated with the national stream but international students may also choose to take other subjects such as environment studies and additional English language programs.



Seri Insan's plan for the future is to integrate the secondary school, the primary school, the foundation programmes and the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) so that it can help fulfill the education needs of both local and overseas tertiary studies.

We are looking forward into the possibility of establishing a permanent campus in the future to meet our expected growth and expansion of our education programmes.


Courses / Subjects Offered (National Curriculum - PMR/SPM)

We use National Curriculum / syllabus as provided by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Subjects taught in school are as follows:

Lower Form( 1 - 3 )

Malay Language
Physical Exercise ( P.E.)
Islamic Studies / Moral Studies
Computer (ICT)
Living Skills
English Language


Upper Form ( 4 - 5 )

Malay Language
Additional Mathematics
Islamic Studies / Moral Studies
Computer (ICT)
General Science
English Language
Physical Exercise ( P.E.)


Schooling Hours

Morning SessionMonday - Thursday7:30 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.
Friday7:30 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
Enrichment Class
Polishing Class
Monday - Friday3:20 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Sekolah Swasta Seri Insan Borneo,
Taman BDC,Phase 8,
Mile 5.5 ,Off Tuaran Road
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Phone:+6088-430796 , +6088-439657